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WeeGirlsClub is a Street wear Clothing brand and an online shop founded by Internet icon Ruby Gloom in August 2014. As being well-known on the Internet and social media of a mixed style including Kawaii Grunge, 90’s, Seapunk and Harajuku. Ruby believes that the rise Street Fashion in the recent years is a revolution of youth culture. Ruby uses “wee” which means “small” in her brand as she believes that women should stay young, kawaii and chic no matter what stages of life they are in. With a mixed of different outrageous fashion style, WEE is not just a brand but a symbol of mixed International culture. Wee girls believe that Fashion breaks all national boundaries and staying cute and young is never bounded by ages.


About Ruby Gloom

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ruby popped up from the Internet since 2012 because of her outrageous fashion style. After perusing her Tertiary education in English Studies, she gave up her “meant-to-be” career as a teacher but devotes herself into the Fashion Industry. During her studies, she won a few Fashionistas’ competitions and her “Look of the day” snapshots suddenly gained attentions on Facebook and Tumblr. With colorful hairstyle, crazy outfits and accessories, Ruby was inspired by Japanese culture. The attention on Internet brought her a sudden massive numbers of “likes” and followers on social medias including Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. And all these attached her a significant attention to the Fashion Industry by being an alternative model because of her look. Ruby was featured in Tokyo Kawaii TV, DAZED N CONFUSED and NICO PANDA X LANE CROWFORD. She has been interviewed by and modelled for local magazines, newspaper and Fashion websites. 


Ruby believes that Fashion is not just about the look but the culture behind and the feelings it presents. Dressing up is not about being cool but very related to one’s strong personality, passions in Fashion, charisma and uniqueness. “Be who you are” is easy to say but never easy to achieve as it takes braveness in showing the world that you are different and courage to overcome social standards of beauty. 

Please email to: weegirlsclub@hotmail.com.hk

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